Love and Pain

Love’s budding, a bidding,

Of two hearts becoming


Their beatings piercing in, peeling through

Each layer of their flesh,


“my beating heart belongs to you”.

They are pounding and pumping and begging

For more

Of each others’ sufferings and pains and

The scars that they made

And outlined with their fingertips.

One after the other.


Him, rubbing the stains of the ruby gloss from

Her lips that are shivering from

His icy touch of frost. Every move fading the stains of blood

She jewelled her pale lips with. Slowly and deeply,

She breaths in his cologne. Too strong, too soothing

He pulls away, a gush of air filling the

empty spaces, in between,

Choking, gagging, encircling their throats.

She struggles and pants, pants and struggles –

Pushes but pulls –

Two bodies, a desire.


Her mascara smudging down

Her cheekbones blushed with a hazelnut shimmer

Of light now merging with the dark.

He pushes his way inside

Her. Their pleasures intensifying as she struggles to, open up to


Her screams like the songs of a nightingale to

His ears. Their temples gleaming, perspiration streaming down

Like teardrops of joy, of sorrow.

She licks the sides of his godlike face, tasting the salt of

His blazing youth while he lets out a moan

Like a thirsty wolf howling at the ever-so-distant full moon’s beauty.

Every inch of

Him is now



It’s a one way stream, a heart’s valve.

The point of no return.


About the painting – “Bleeding Heart” by Simon Mahajan


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