Memories’ Children

Deep in a slumber, wishing on a star

A midnight reverie creeping from a heart.

The silence of the night is a lullaby

That sends us all to sleep, waves the world goodbye.

Astound by the peace, a memory sneaks from behind

It sees its path clear and creeps in sleeping eyes.

A panic comes to life, the children start to run

As the sun goes down, the darkness does descend.


Alone in her gloom, she sulks in fear.

Listening to a whisper, but no one is near.

Who’s there? A shadow. Caressing her hair,

Whining in her ears the words she couldn’t hear.

The pain in its voice, too much for her to bear.

It does but sound familiar,

She does nothing but hear


Her fears and her sorrows that followed her around.

From when she was in slumber, till she saw the dawn.


They stood right before her, past that midnight hour

While she lay asleep with a streak on her brow.

Begging for mercy, she curled, twisted and frowned

But none was left for her, the one they’d come to arm.


For this is what they wanted, the reason they crept in

For her to banish them, with weapons of new dreams.

For she welcomed it all, the misery in her life.

Her pleasure was in pain, in tears she found her joys.

Too many years of plunder had but left her in sorrow.

So broken from this burden she did embrace the pain.

But, no, it had to stop, for the sake of a sweet heart,

That had waited till this hour to break from all her bounds.


The ghosts of reverie had to be slain.


Her smile will be her dagger, her hope her strength.

Now she can wake up, her troubles laid to rest.


About the painting – “Sleeping Beauty” by Victor Gabriel Gilbert



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