Look over the sea, into the distance

Where the sky meets the waters.

Can you tell where one ends and the other begins?

Two worlds colliding, submerging,

Creating a oneness like no other.

Watch the Sun align with the horizon

Dividing the vast expanse of blue in two.

Making it blush in shades of pink, lilac, yellow.

Watch it dissolve. Disappear.

Engulfed by the ocean.

Giving way to the darkness.

Watch the moon come to life.

So close you could almost touch it.

The tide is high, it splashes on the shore

Creating an incessant sound.

They meet, they depart

Forming a vicious cycle.

Watch the stars shining bright on this still night.

The moonlight, dancing on the waves

To the rhythm of the sea.

Their hum, soothing to the ears.

Let it heal your heart.


About the painting – “Nighttime Ocean Beach” by Toni Grote


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