She looks into your eyes and guess what she sees –

Unknown, unseen, look she’d never plead.

Your love should have been enough

to keep her alive

But you wanted to see her

Darker in the night.

So there she goes now

Holds on to that rope

What the day could not bring

She will bring you to her door.

You don’t care about her

Or maybe it’s your old act

She then goes around

With one who’d kill her ache.

You used to be

the one she held on tight

she now finds them all –

all who’d want her light.

You cannot blame her

she wanted you to stay

but it was her fault,


that you went your own way.

Why she asks you do you want me to go

the times we spent together

were meant stay for long.

You didn’t listen said it was the truth

that you will have to leave her

and she won’t have to choose.

No questions did you answer

no room for hope you left

left her in the shadows

on her broken bed.

Your soul still lingers on

your smell still makes her screech

your sound if she could hear it

would leave a mark unseen.

Kiss me she says

hug me I am cold

then waits till the morning

the night still there,



About the painting – “Miranda – The Tempest” by John William Waterhouse


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