Mirror, mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

I know you lie but I’ll still call.

I may be pretty deep inside

But that won’t help me catch his eye.

A spotless face with even skin

Is what I need if I’m to win.

I could have the biggest heart

But size does matter after all.

So let me get on this new diet

For the tiny waist we all aspire.

You have to be skinny but not too flat.

Keep those curves, just cut the fat.

Treat your skin so its soft as silk,

Make it smell of flowers and white as milk.

Nourish your hair and make them shine

Don’t let them fall and you’ll be fine.

This war of beauty, of sheer perfection

Is only won with a fair complexion.

So mirror, mirror, on the wall,

Tell me if I’m the fairest of them all.

For they don’t care what’s inside

And in pleasing them I will waste this life.


About this painting – “Woman at Mirror” by Joseph Van Lerius


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