Stars in the Sky

You are looked upon by all with wonder and amazement

Your glow alluring and captivating

Mystical and magical

Known and yet unknown

You are every heart’s desire

The compliment on a lover’s lips

Adorned in every form of art

An entire species trying to reach you

Yet there you are, far above

Residing in millions but alone

Without the touch of another

Imitating those same humans who

Worship you, want to be like you

Spend precious hours of chilly nights

Longingly gazing at your beauty

But unable to see it in the one

Who occupies the other side of the bed

They will travel the world

Like you travel yours

And go round and round and round



Finding themselves

Yet fall deaf and blind when met

By the sweet caresses of love

And run



Than they have ever done before

Falling back into orbit

To go round and round and round again

Still searching

Never to stop.


Some think their fate is written in you

Their dead become you believe the others

Giving meaning to your existence by

Defining it through themselves

Such is their conceit, the vanity

Claiming your beauty as their own

One way or another

No wonder love is lost on them

The selfless, unconditional act

Kept alive by sacrificing your all for

Another, like you do

Burn out

Turn into darkness


Giving life to others

The ultimate sacrifice.


Look down upon us and pray

One day we might yet rise above

And we won’t have to wonder anymore

As we become you.


About the painting – “Stars in the Sky” by J Von Ryan


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